Long papers
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  2. Tri H Nguyen, Duc M Duong and Duc A Duong. Robust and high capacity watermarking for image based on DWT-SVD (#9)
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  4. Son Nguyen Truong, Duyen Nguyen Thi Phuong, Quoc Ho Bao and Minh Nguyen Le. Recognizing logical parts in Vietnamese Legal Texts using Conditional Random Fields (#16)
  5. Thi Huong Chu and Quang Uy Nguyen. A New Implementation to Speed up Genetic Programming (#20)
  6. Hieu Pham Quang and Ngoc Quoc Ly. Some Improvements in the RGB-D SLAM System (#21)
  7. Hoa Quoc Le, Hung Phuoc Truong, Hoang Thien Van and Thai Hoang Le. A New Pre-authentication Protocol in Kerberos 5: Biometric Authentication (#22)
  8. Truong Thang Nguyen and Trai Nguyen Van. Interaction Analysis of Annotated Specification and Program Codes in Extended Static Checking (#24)
  9. Manh Linh Pham, Alain Tchana, Didier Donsez, Vincent Zurczak, Pierre-Yves Gibello and Noel de Palma. An Adaptable Framework to Deploy Complex Applications onto Multi-cloud Platforms (#25)
  10. Julien Montavont, Cosmin Cobarzan and Thomas Noël. IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in Low-power and Lossy Wireless Networks (#31)
  11. Trong-Thua Huynh, Anh-Vu Dinh-Duc, Cong-Hung Tran and Tuan-Anh Le. Balance Particle Swarm Optimization and Gravitational Search Algorithm for Energy Efficient in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (#34)
  12. Tuan Anh Pham, Thi Hoa Hue Nguyen, Nhan Le Thanh. Ontology-Based Workflow Validation (#35)
  13. Tuan-Duc Nguyen, Luat Nguyen and Huu-Tue Huynh. On the design of energy efficient environment monitoring station and data collection network based on ubiquitous wireless sensor networks (#40)
  14. Giao Bui Cong and Anh Duong Tuan. Improving Sort-Tile-Recusive Algorithm for R-tree Packing in Indexing Time Series (#46)
  15. Truc Hung Ngo, Masataka Seo, Yen Wei Chen and Naoki Matsushiro. Quantitative Evaluation of Facial Paralysis Using Tracking Method (#52)
  16. Dat Duy Nguyen and Nguyen Thanh Binh. Enhancing object quality based on saliency map and derivatives on color distances (#53)
  17. Tuan-Minh Pham. Analysis of ISP Caching in Information-Centric Networks (#54)
  18. Tu K. Huynh, Thuong Le-Tien, Khoa V. Huynh and Sy C. Nguyen. A Survey on Image Forgery Dectection Techniques (#55)
  19. Van-Minh Le, Yann Chevaleyre, Jean-Daniel Zucker and Tuong Vinh Ho. Hybrid of Linear Programming and Genetic Algorithm for optimizing Agent-based Simulation. Application to Optimization of Sign Placement for Tsunami Evacuation (#57)
  20. María Victoria Moreno Cano and Antonio Fernando Skarmeta Gómez. An Indoor Localization System Based on 3D Magnetic Fingerprints for Smart Buildings (#60)
  21. Thi Duyen Ngo and The Duy Bui. A Vietnamese 3D Taking Face for Embodied Conversational Agents (#61)
  22. Duc Le Minh, Nhat Minh Nguyen H., Chantal Baril, Viviane Gascon and Tien Dinh. Heuristics To Solve Appointment Scheduling In Chemotherapy (#62)
  23. Viet Phuong Le and Cao De Tran. Key-Point Matching with Post-Filter using SIFT and BRIEF in Logo Spotting (#63)
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  25. Nhon Do and Longvan Ho. Domain-Specific Keyphrase Extraction and Near-Duplicate Article Detection Based on Ontology (#65)
  26. Charalampos Doukas. Providing Generic Support for IoT and M2M for Mobile Devices (#66)
  27. Chien Ta and Tuoi Phan. Identifying Semantic and Syntactic Relations from Text Documents (#68)
  28. Hong-Quan Nguyen, Phuong-Thai Nguyen, Thanh-Quyen Dang and Van-Hiep Nguyen. Automatic Detection of Problematic Rules in Vietnamese Treebank (#73)
  29. Quoc Bao Nguyen, Tat Thang Vu and Chi Mai Luong. Improving Acoustic Model for English ASR System using Deep Neural Network (#75)
  30. Jean-Daniel Zucker, Yann Chevaleyre and Van Sang Dao. Experimental analysis of new Learning Algorithms for Ternary Classifiers (#77)
  31. Vinh Tran and Tru Cao. Linking Online Dictionaries to Wikipedia (#82)
  32. Thien Khai Tran. SentiVoice - a system for querying hotel service reviews via PSTN (#89)
  33. An Cong Tran. Application of Description Logic Learning in Abnormal Behaviour Detection in Smart Homes (#94)
  34. Ngoc Anh Tran, Phuong Thai Nguyen, Thanh Tinh Dao and Hong Quan Nguyen. Identifying Reduplicative Words for Vietnamese Word Segmentation (#97)
  35. Pegah Alizadeh, Yann Chevaleyre and Jean-Daniel Zucker. Approximate Regret Based Elicitation in Markov Decision Process (#98)
  1. Le Cong Doan and Ngoc Quoc Ly. Building a 3D Face Reconstruction System based on 2D Frontal Facial Image and 3D Morphable Model in High Performance (#14)
  2. Vo Phuong Binh and Shih-Hsuan Yang. Bit Allocation for SHVC Rate Control Based on Spatial Complexity (#27)
  3. Hieu Cuong Nguyen. Detecting Image Forgeries by Uncovering Resampling Artifacts with Support Vector Machines (#38)
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  8. Hien Nguyen, Vuong Pham and Nhon V. Do. Knowledge Model about Relations and Application (#74)